3 comments on “Game of Thrones Showrunners Want Eight Seasons

  1. have you read the books so far daniel? im just curious, but george certainly takes his fukking time, i waited 6 years or so for dance with dragons AND the fucker amost died a year or so ago. that being said…i thinknit is too late for him to “go easy” for sake of the show at this point. if he does, i think it will be because he has commited to 7 books and after the last, i just dont see how he can wrap it all up in 2 final volumes, especially when the cocksucking produces put a page max on each book he publishes… so either a) more books b) everyone dies real quick or c) some magical bullshit will take flight….you know season 4 was already greenlit yes?

  2. Like you said, the fact that the author never had to work with a real deadline is what unnerves me about the quality of his future installments. The part about him “taking it easy” for the sake of the show can go either way, and I saw it as a problem because he’s now writing in a post-Game of Thrones TV pilot era. It’s mostly my personal conjecture at this point, I admit, but I’m not familiar with George as a person and it’s too easy for these kinds of things to meddle with one’s craft. And it wouldn’t surprise me if they did greenlight a fourth season considering there are still books left to develop one.

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