6 comments on “Check Out Spiderman’s New Lenses

  1. This time around this Spiderman series hasn’t been a marked improvement on the Raimi series ! Once again showing how devoid of writing and real talent that within Hollywood !

    Tophatal …………………

    • This Spiderman “series” has only had a single installment so far and “Hollywood has no real talent” is an unwarranted and lazy criticism of the industry as a whole. They provide the people with what they want to see, and they still offer a steady stream of art house cinema flicks in limited release form if anybody care to seek them.

      • One installment this time around and the first was utterly diabolical ! The Raimi series with Tobey Maguire were well made . What are you drinking ? Hollywood would provides the consumer with what they want to see ? Horror flicks with aimless violence gore , cheap thrills .

        And yet their a#s is bankrolled by an administration to aid them to provide even more mush after almost $11 billion box office revenues . Clearly Hollywood and Capitol Hill have no damn clue !

        Tophatal …………….

      • By whose standards? Yours? I don’t want any single person to dictate the taste of billions. Plus the new Spiderman flick received moderate critical reception (meaning there’s a pool of opinions on this particular flick and more than seventy percent of it are in favor of the new reboot), which means that there are INDEED a large sum of people outside of you who enjoyed it, which kind of makes me feel that your “new Spiderman movie sucks” argument hasn’t reached consensus, strangely enough. Sure, those same opinions shouldn’t deter your own on the matter, but YOUR conjectures and YOUR opinions can’t be presented as evidence against the industry’s overall “lack of creativity” in ANY argument because you’re just a single voice arguing about an abstract concept with no clear objective guideline. YOUR ideal movie is not MY ideal movie and you should never confuse YOUR taste with the taste of another. And please try listening to yourself sometimes: “HOLLYWOOD SUCKS BECAUSE I HATE THEIR MOVIES,” is not a compelling argument.

        Also, those same horror flicks keep coming out because they see success at the box office, meaning they either break even or make profit. This industry hinges on people paying real money to see the movies and thus our taste dictates what comes out every summer. If people didn’t pay for them, they wouldn’t keep making them because it doesn’t make any sense to keep making something that won’t earn them any money. I don’t know why you would try to push your political agenda at the end (something about you yammering about Capitol Hill like THAT means anything in this discussion about freaking SPIDERMAN, which I think you only brought up to pad out your reply) where Hollywood is concerned, but don’t think for one second that you’re the only one who goes to watch movies at the theaters. Just because you don’t want to see them doesn’t mean no one else does.

  2. Horror flicks come out of the fact that they are cheap to make , rather than the gamble of a $250 million blockbuster !

    Hollywood dictates not the consumer , and the major studios dictate the whims of those .

    The industry hinges on people paying real money ? Are you kidding ? Prices go up above the rate of inflation and what are the consumers really getting by way of a return ? The moronic a_holes will be glib about box revenues rising and that they are entitled to be that damn glib , but overall where is the real quality ?

    And you naive , to think Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker really did work ! Poor writing a diatribe and convoluted story , and that is what you’re hanging your hat on ?

    Tophatal ………..

    • Yeah they’re cheap to make and they profit. If they were cheap to make, but ended up costing them because they couldn’t sell tickets, then they wouldn’t make it. How hard is that for you to understand? Do you not know how business works? There isn’t a magical reservoir of limitless government money they use to fund all their movies in order to support your little conspiracy theory. And acting like we’re all shackled to Hollywood and can’t do a damn thing about it makes it sound to me like you’re just a helpless invalid who blindly follows whatever the “evil media” wants you to follow.

      You also keep arguing about “quality” and story structure like your opinions are the only things that matter (by this point, they barely hold water). Every single time you write a response, it’s just “THOSE CAPITALIST PIGS AND THEIR AGENDAS KEEP MAKING DUMB FILMS I DO NOT LIKE AND THUS EVERYONE ELSE CAN’T LIKE THEM!”

      You’re like the typical red neck caricature we see on South Park. You never once delve into reasons to support you distaste, except throwing around vague and lazy criticisms like “THEY SUCK CUZ THEY’RE BAD”. You’re a terrible debater and I’m done with you. The next time you reply, it’s going right to the trash where it belongs. I’ll try to save you from yourself by sparing you from further embarrassment.

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