6 comments on “Where Do We Go From Here?: Boardwalk Empire Season 3

  1. Interesting stuff.

    I actually think the opposite to your Richard/Gillian prediction! I think Gillian will try and get Tommy back through law, but nucky will help richard and stop that by backing up she’s an unfit guardian. Remember, Nucky’s looking for people he can trust and after seeing what Richard did to Gyp’s crew, he’ll wanna recruit him! As long as Nucky keeps tommy with Julia, Richard will work for him.

  2. Nice predictions man. I think Capone vs O’banion will continue in season 4.. And if you know history, a lot happens in 1924 with that! Van Alden’s between those two at the moment as well, so that could be interesting.

    Also, more Benny(Bugsy Siegel)!! Loved the scene when he posed as the paper boy and killed a few of gyp’s men, and nearly gyp! He and Meyer’s mob is still a few years away but I hope they plant the seeds for it soon!

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